Supporting Businesses and the Community Since 2010

The Rahway Chamber of Commerce serves the people and businesses of Rahway, NJ by allowing its member’s opportunities to develop, promote and pursue their business interests.

The Chamber fosters a healthy economic environment and promotes the benefits of Rahway businesses to the residents of Rahway, the surrounding communities, the State of New Jersey, and the public at large.


Business Advice

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Networking Events

Providing a way for members to meet new people.

For The Community

Helping Rahway grow through community involvement and support.

Featured Businesses

Rahway Day

A day to celebrate the community of Rahway. Rahway Chamber of commerce invites you to discover what makes the town of rahway such a wonderful place.  Join us for a day of fun and exploration!

• Get to know the local businesses

• Meet our friendly residents

• Enjoy great entertainment provided by local residents.

RCC 2021 Business Improvement Grant

The Rahway Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce our 2021 Business Grant.  This grant is open to any RCC business or organization member.

Application deadline is August 1, 2021.


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