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Gaspard Arts Academy
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The Gaspard Arts Academy is an initiative that exposes people of all ages to musical training and the arts. The goal is to create a community where the arts are part of the culture. In many countries around the world, music and arts are a staple in education. It would be hard to find or meet someone in Japan that has no training or experience with an instrument. Musical training and arts are part of the culture of the country. The Gaspard Arts Academy’s (GAA) goal is to bring music and the arts to that level of importance in the culture of Rahway’s community.

This program is designed for anyone of any age, race or socio economic background. Music is not exclusive to those of privileged backgrounds or those who can afford to pay a hefty fee for private lessons. The arts are and should be for everyone. The idea is to serve each age demographic at their appropriate times. Seniors can be served from morning until afternoon. School aged children are available after school from 3pm until about 7pm. Parents and adults are more available from 7pm through nights. Literally everyone in the community can learn to play an instrument, act, sing and dance.

Studies have shown that playing and studying music can be a great work out for the brain. Studying music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain; improve sleep quality of your mood and memory. School age children that learn to play instruments improve or easily grasp the concept of a large range of subjects. Students that play instruments see improved critical thinking, motor skills and listening abilities. Learning in a group setting helps student ability to listen and value others opinions, collaborate, be a team player, leader and follower. Many students see improvement in their literacy, comprehension and ability to process and make sense of information.

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