The Rahway Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary federation of business and professional people working together to build a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in your community.

Chamber members are businesses, organizations and individuals concerned with the socioeconomic climate of the community. They have joined together because they know they stand a better chance of getting things done when they speak as one voice.

As it works to improve your community’s economy and quality of life, The Rahway Chamber of Commerce keeps these broad objectives in mind:
·          Help businesses prosper and grow;
·          Attract new businesses;
·          Increase job opportunities;
·          Encourage an orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community;
·          Contribute to the overall economic stability of the community;
·          Encourage and promote the nation’s private enterprise system of competitive marketing.

The Rahway Chamber of Commerce provides the means through which businesses can work together to the benefit of all.

The Chamber takes pride in its rapidly growing list of members drawn from local retail, commercial and industrial businesses, as well as professionals and other citizens in Rahway and surrounding areas interested in the concepts of business development, community improvement, and cultural and environmental enhancement.

To join by mail using a check or money order, click here for a downloadable pdf form.