RCC Business Improvement Grant


Grant Amount Available: Limited to $2,000

Deadline: August 31, 2022

The following items are required for

1. Completed Application.   Download Application Here

2. Tax Identification Number of Business (EIN)

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Must be a Rahway Chamber of Commerce Business Member.
2. Applicant must be business owner, manager, or an authorized representative.
All Applications must be summited via email to grants@rahwaychamberofcommerce.com no later
than August 31, 2022. Any Applications received after the deadline shall be subject to automatic
Terms and Conditions
1. Grant will be given directly to the company to complete the project described in the grant
2. The Grant shall only be used for Business Improvements, and not paying off business debt
nor for reimbursing for a project previously completed.
3. Grant recipient must gain The Rahway Chamber of Commerce Grant Panel’s approval prior
to changing project scope.
4. The Rahway Chamber of Commerce Grant Committee has the right to seek return if project
does not align within the project scope.
5. The Rahway Chamber of Commerce Grant Panel must receive receipts for materials
purchased and invoices for services rendered within 30 days of receipt.
6. The Rahway Chamber of Commerce Grant Panel must receive grantee confirmation and
authorization with receipts and invoices mentioned above.
7. Project must begin within 30 days after grant is received.
8. A full set of terms and conditions will accompany the Grant Agreement if you are selected.


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